Here are just a handful of stories of the people who joined our program.


 If you want to build your immunity, feel younger, and have more vitality, Miyako is definitely the person to talk to. 

I love the way that Miyako teaches, so simple, practical, and energetic. I even recommended this to my mom and dad. The difference in my dad’s posture after the program was absolutely incredible. 

- Helen Iwata, Speaker, Writer, and Women's Success Coach, President of Sasuga Communications K. K.


The timing was perfect to forget about the pandemic and breathe calmly. The association Miyako teaches between a tree and breathing was beautiful.

I thought it was just the breathing issue, then I discovered that it was about the posture. I can see the changes in my posture and feel it. I felt peace with Miyako’s program and her kindness.

- Interview with Vivianne Costa-Denais, a retired child psychologist


The program has given me a conscious effort to do the exercises that I have found improve my posture and extra energy throughout the day...previously I took an afternoon I'm still alert...this has amazed me as I believed I needed this rest in the afternoon....and also believed energy came from food at my age seventy-one I'm still learning new things.

I really enjoyed Miyako’s enthusiasm and excitement for life...and generosity of time and energy.

- Margo Pietrantonio, a retired property developer

Because I had shortness of breath and a lack of stamina, I took Miyako’s program. My breathing improved, and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. You should check it out!

- Lela Theriault, a Realtor and Skin Care Consultant