The Dis-Aging DesignTM

The Dis-Aging DesignTM is Miyako’s ways of daily energy management to regain vitality from the inside, reverse aging, and enjoy your long-lasting success.

Design your own energy management lifestyle to regain vitality from inside.

Have you these symptoms of a lack of energy?

Have you ever experienced any of these challenges and wondered why you feel tired and weak?

  • Having low energy in the morning, and finding it hard to get through the day...
  • Don't feel like doing exercises...
  • Falling asleep in front of the TV...

Without enough energy, you can't live the life you wanted. It will affect your immune system and overall health. 

If you let the downward pattern take over your day, where will you be one year from now? 

How can you regain vitality?

Many people often ask, "What supplements or vitamins should I buy to get energized?"  

It is easy to rely on something external, but what is that costing you, financially and physically?

If you continue your current way, where will you be 10 years from now?

Through my own personal journey and by observing people who are enjoying their vitality over forties,  I learned that we can increase our energy naturally, without any external tools, or medicine, supplements.

To get the result you want and make it sustainable, you need a safe, natural, and holistic approach. Working on both your mind and body will allow you to generate constant flow of energy from inside and stop losing it. If you learn to develop your mind and body this way, you can access the universal (external) energy and take it into you whenever you like!


How the Dis-Aging DesignTM works

In the Dis-Aging DesignTM I created, we will work on the following pillars to let you achieve the result faster.

The 4 Pillars of Dis-Aging DesignTM

  1. Design your ideal self to set a clear direction           
  2. Improve your sleep to restore energy daily 
  3. Learn to generate physical energy with deep breathing* (*TRUE Breathing®)
  4. Work on your habits to positively impact your energy and performance 


Energy Management Coaching

1-on-1 coaching experience with Miyako designed to manage your energy with the Dis-Aging DesignTM.

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"Miyako genuinely cares about me and my success and she asks deeply insightful questions that help me understand with great clarity where I need to focus my energies to elevate my life. "

Helenita Jacobs
Founder of Simplify LIFE Coaching LLC.

"Working one-on-one with Coach Miyako was an amazing experience. I love her style, and I also love the pace of conversation that she brought. "

Steven Weisman, M.A.
Certified High Performance Coach

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