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Certified High Performance Coaching™

High Performance Coaching™ is a process created to explore all the ways you can reach heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life.

What you will get from High Performance Coaching™

  1. Find clarity - who you are, real purpose and goal 
  2. Feel joy in all areas - professional and private life
  3. Become highly productive - advancing the projects with full commitment
  4. Become highly influential - over your clients, people in the workplace, family, and friends
  5. Be true to your best self -  in alignment with ultimate source of your energy

How do Coaching sessions work?

Based on the structured Certified High Performance Coaching™ program for 12 sessions, we will dive into each area of the key high performance factors; Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity and Influence.

  • One-to-One 12 Sessions x 60 minutes  (weekly or monthly)
    *Weekly session is recommended to keep the momentum going
  • Via Skype audio or Zoom video calls
    Miyako is based in Tokyo, Japan (Japan Standard Time)

About Miyako Hazama

 (based in Tokyo, Japan)

Hi! I’m Miyako Hazama, a Certified High Performance Coach, a breathing coach, a personal stylist and the founder of the Best-in-me Academy. I worked for 34 years for a Japanese corporation. In my 40s, while enjoying achievement, I started to feel unfulfilled, something missing in my life. After ten years of self-search, I learned the high performers habits and how to get inspiration from my true self. At 54, I took a bold step to transform my career to chase my big dream of helping people regain energy and change their lives. I am so grateful that I can share my learning and strategy with you to find your real potential and get you to the advanced level of life.  



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