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Upgrade Your Life


Certified High Performance Coaching™ with Miyako Hazama


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What your life look like after three years?

Time flies full of daily tasks and appointments.
You've been working so hard to be effective, succeed in the projects, and serve others around you. That's awesome!

But, what about you?
Have you allow yourself to think about upgrading your life?

With the right strategy, you can BE MORE and ENJOY MORE in ALL AREAS of YOUR LIFE. 

Be more, enjoy more!

When things turn out not as you expected, we feel bitter loss or disappointments. It was scary for me, too. 

But, when I felt my amplifying energy and found clarity in the life purpose, I could take in new challenges aligned with my true self and feel joy in whatever I do. This journey led me to become a Certified High Performance Coach™. 

With the right strategy, you can be more and enjoy more in all areas of your personal and professional life.  I can be of your guide to break through the comfort zone and distractions using the proven world High Performers strategy and tools. 

High Performance Coaching™ One-to-One 12 Sessions (weekly or monthly)

You will gain clarity, influence, energy, courage, and productivity in everything you do! 

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The Next Step 

Free Strategic Session (60 minutes)

Before starting the High Performance Coaching™, please apply for a free strategic session. 

Yes, your first session is free!  Here is what you can get.

  • For 60 minutes, let's talk about "Your Life Game Plan" to upgrade your life.
  • I'll teach you six principles of high performance to better master your mind, body, and ability.
  • We'll review how you are doing in each of these areas and how you can break through the barriers to help upgrade your life.

About Miyako Hazama

 (based in Tokyo, Japan)

Hi! I’m Miyako Hazama, a Certified High Performance Coach, a breathing coach, a personal stylist and the founder of the Best-in-me Academy. I worked for 34 years for a Japanese corporation. In my 40s, while enjoying achievement, I started to feel unfulfilled, something missing in my life. After ten years of self-search, I learned the high performers habits and how to get inspiration from my true self. At 54, I took a bold step to transform my career to chase my big dream of helping people regain energy and change their lives. I am so grateful that I can share my learning and strategy with you to find your real potential and get you to the advanced level of life.  



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