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I help busy professionals to get quality sleep and achieve more energy!

My sleepless nights…

In my 20s, I suffered allergic rhinitis. As a young female staff, I was busy helping my senior team during the day, and I could only get to my work after 5 pm. Working on my translation document late at night, I felt frustrated. My nose was running, and my eyes itched. It was close to burnout causing loss of sleep and feeling constant fatigue. “Can I go on like this? What will happen to my career?”, I kept asking myself.
One day, my mother bought a book written by Master Kozo Nishino about the unique breathing method he innovated called "Nishino Breathing Method” by blending his learning and practice of the western body movement and the eastern martial arts. He mentioned about the students who healed and regained their health by practicing his breathing exercises. I saw a glimpse of light in my mind and decided to give it a try. Because I didn’t want to take any pills that gets me sleepy during the day.
I followed the book instruction but wasn't sure I was doing the right thing. So I joined the class in Shibuya. For the first three months, I couldn’t get it all. But, when I almost felt like quitting, I felt warm, soft tingling energy with my hands as I breathe. My body sent me a sign to stick to it. After that first notice, I practiced the breathing exercise more intensely every day. Within a few months, I cured my allergy completely without any medicine. I also recognized that I was enjoying deep sleep like never before.

But that wasn’t the ending.

I stayed in the corporate world and engaged in overseas M&A projects to advance my professional career. Using my off-time, I started to work as a volunteer coach in the breathing class. In the corporate, I was finally promoted to a new post, deputy general manager of the procurement department. The role was totally new to me, and I was excited. But soon, I faced with the serious issues that required to take immediate actions: a shortage of the vital raw materials, accident at a supplier’s plant, or recovery from natural disasters.
Working until late at night, I ate quick dinners alone at the McDonalds at 10:00 pm. When I got home, my husband sent me an icy look. He was worried about my health, but I felt too tired to explain the things flooding into my plates.
My work was taking away my time and energy. I needed to seriously think about how to manage my sleep consistently so that I can maintain my health and my family life.
Daily research began and I tested the physical exercises and habits to get me into better sleep. But I had to go deep inside. Because the noise in mind woke me up during sleep.
I got obsessed with reading self-growth and mindfulness books, invested in more than 50 online courses and seminars. I also practiced skills and techniques that allow me to manage my body and mind as a whole for achieving better health and high performance in life. After 34 years of my service, I finally left the company and became a coach to help people transform their best self. 

My sleep now...within 10 minutes!

My continuing experiment of managing my sleep helped me to fall asleep within 10 minutes after going to bed and wake up three seconds before the alarm time every morning. I'm 56-years-old now, but with the practice of deep breathing and skills of managing my sleep, I feel like I’ve got more energy than in my 20s! I'm so grateful for my body and mind, allowing me to stay young and enjoy new exciting challenges.
That’s why I am passionate to help busy professionals to get quality sleep and achieve more energy. You deserve your finest sleep and much more in life.
You can manage your sleep and get the sleep you wanted by working on both your body and mind.

Let's sleep deeply and revitalize our life!


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