I help busy business people to become instantly energetic by managing their sleep and breathing through online training and coaching.

My sleepless nights…

In my 20s, as a young female assistant working for a large Japanese corporation, I had many sleepless nights due to overwork and stress. I suffered from allergic rhinitis. My nose kept running, and my eyes itched. I couldn't sleep, and my mind was running all night. I felt tired and irritable at work, and it took hours to complete translating a report. I was asking myself, "Will I have to go on like this? Can I hold on to and stay on a corporate track to become a manager in charge of international deals like I dreamed of?"

Breathing changed my life

I didn't want to take any pills that would make me feel sleepy during the day. While searching for a natural remedy, I learned about a unique breathing method innovated by Kozo Nishino, a Japanese Ki (energy) expert. At first, I couldn’t take deep breaths. But after practicing it for a year, I was able to heal my allergy completely and bring back my sleep that was deeper and more refreshing than I had experienced before.

In the corporate world

Since then, during my 34-year career in the corporate world, I’ve been teaching the breathing method after work. I became obsessed with learning and practicing the techniques, skills, and psychology to manage stress in the work environment and to maintain good quality sleep during the tough and challenging times in business.

My lifelong learning and passion

People then started asking me, "How do you keep your energy and stay young? What's your secret?" There's no secret.  I’m only mindful about my sleep, the way I breathe, and maintaining my mindset to feel more joy and passion in every little daily things.  At my age of 56, I am blessed that I can fall asleep within 10 minutes and wake up with full energy to start the day.
After a while, I recognized that I'm able to uniquely contribute people by helping them manage their daily stress, sleep better and acquire more energy.
I left corporate life and embarked on a new journey with my knowledge and expertise in breathing and energy work, and became a high performance coach certified by the High Performance Institute.
I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve my clients and being able to see them grow and embrace the truest version in them.

No matter how old we are now, when we sleep soundly and breathe deeply, we can quickly generate more energy and be happier!


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