How can you become naturally energetic?


Sleep soundly, breathe better, and elevate your energy!



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Hi, I'm Miyako.

I help busy business people to become instantly energetic by managing their sleep and breathing through online training and coaching.


Are you feeling a little tired in the morning, in the afternoon, or after work? That's not because of your age.

Did you know that your sleep and breathing are natural, quickest routes to amplify your level of energy

When you get more energy, you can stay productive and perform at your best throughout the day.

Let me show you how you can get started ...

Sleep soundly

Check how to manage your environment, habits, and the mind to fall asleep within 10 minutes and wake up fully charged.

Let's get started!

Breathe better

Learn how to boost your physical and mental energy instantly with the daily practice of 10-minute breathing exercise. 

Perform at your best

Learn the strategy and habits of the world's high achievers and perform at your best throughout the day. 

"I was stressed out in my 20s. But during the 34 years in the corporate, I learned how to amplify my energy by working on my body and mind in a natural way. At my age of 56, I'm blessed to begin this day with joy, passion, and excitement!"

Miyako Hazama
Founder, Best-in-me Academy

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When you improve your sleep, you'll feel more vibrant and you can stay productive throughout the day.
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