Do you want to get the sleep you need and achieve more energy?


Sleep and Wake Up on Time

Learn how to manage both your body and mind to get the true sleep you deserve.

Sleep and Wake Up on Time

FREE one-on-one coaching session 

I want my sleep back!

Hi, I'm Miyako Hazama!

Sleep Management Coach

Sleep and Wake Up on Time -  FREE Coaching Session

Helping busy professionals to get quality sleep and achieve more energy
  • Do you toss and turn at night riddled with the stress of mounting bills from your children’s college, your medical hospital or your parent’s elderly care?
  • Do you have a headache, feel tired in the morning, and find it hard to get through the day?
  • Do you feel cranky and irritable during the day, and have less patience when it comes to your spouse or your kids?

All these sleep nightmares take away your energy, hurting your productivity at work, your relationship with your loved ones, and most importantly, your confidence.



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#1 MISTAKE People Make

How can you stop this cycle?

Here’s a secret.

Most people “lie” to themselves, when they think they “got out” from lack of sleep by changing a pillow, cutting off caffeine, listening to relaxing music or trying some meditation.

All these efforts will be worth it and far better than doing nothing. But, very often, it may work only for some times. When you got a call from the bank on your pending bills, or your spouse kept silence during dinner, your mind may start racing at night taking you longer to go to sleep. You may find more and more things to worry about…

There must be a way that will allow you to solve the problem by removing the cause.  


I want my sleep back!

Manage your sleep 

Just like we manage our work, we can manage our sleep and get the true sleep we deserve. The strategy is to work on body-and-mind as one whole.

Imagine what would be like to enjoy the 7-8 hours of straight sleep every day...

You’ll wake up feeling fully rested with more energy and ready to crush your days. Your mind gets clear and focused from the morning. You’ll be more productive at work and get rewarded. You’ll feel fulfilled, at peace, appreciating your love to yourself and others... This is not a dream. It should be your birthright.

Let's start by checking your habits that are not serving for your sleep right now. But don't neglect or shy away from your inner game. Because that hidden self-talk is often the root of your problem.

Get the support

Working on your inner game may take you long years of reading books and experimenting. If you can’t get the result that you wanted fast, it would cost you emotionally and financially...

That's why I created this special FREE one-on-one coaching session for you to get the support you need.

If you’d like to get to sleep and wake up on time, once and for all AND…

If you’d like to get my personal support to let it happen, then check this out…

Sleep and Wake Up on Time  

45 minutes FREE Coaching Session

(This a limited-time offer of $250 value)

During this powerful, personal one-on-one coaching session, we’ll work together in a secure environment to…

=> Create a crystal clear vision on how you’d like your ideal sleep to be and how you want to change from here.

=> Uncover your inner game and hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your sleep efforts and keeping you away from getting deep, quality sleep.

=> Leave this session renewed, inspired, and ready to finally get the sleep you wanted, feel rested and wake up on time.

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FREE One-on-One Coaching (Limited time offer of $250 Value)


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